Advertising on Knowledge For Real Estate Agents

There are two ways you can advertise on KnowledgeForRealEsatateAgents .com.

Banner Ads

A banner ad runs $1,400 for the year. This annual fee includes bonus quarterly commentary provided by your company. Please provide a jpg or png file sized 120 by 180 px as well as the web address that you would like your ad to point to.

To place a banner ad, please fill out the form below.  Questions on banner ads may be directed to Angelica Nixt at  at


Commentary Placements

A job ad runs $395, such as “We need a part-time junior processor for our Baton Rouge, LA satellite office.”

Alternatively, you can place a blind ad which runs $445. The company is not mentioned by name and the resumes come to us and we forward them, respond to applicants, and in some cases tell them the good or bad news. (Companies often run these if they are replacing someone, or want to stay under the radar).

Both rates are much better than the 33% of the 1st year’s salary that outside recruiters often charge.

To place a job ad, please use the form below.  Job ad questions may be directed to