Mar. 2: What kind of house sells quickly? How residents feel about their state

Rob Chrisman

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What are the characteristics of houses that sell quickly? Spanish architecture and 1,500-2,000 square feet.


More green technology:


Sustainable energy is definitely catching on. Fulton Maryland has a new development underway that includes geothermal heating and cooling as a standard feature. Each home in the Fulton, Md., community will come standard with a Bosch SM Model geothermal heat pump that will help homeowners save up to 70% on utility bills over conventional HVAC systems, says Bozzuto. A Bosch tankless water heater will also be standard. The project, which will include 200 to 300 homes at buildout, is now under construction. Each home also comes equipped to accommodate solar panels, and homeowners also have the option of adding both vehicle and electric bicycle charging stations from Bosch. Interested in pictures? Click here.


Did I already lose you?


“You have the attention span of a goldfish.” Yes, it has been said to me and I may have said it a time or two myself. Good thing it isn’t true. In fact, the research shows our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Sad but true my friends.


Whether you are marketing online or pitching face-to-face, you need to wow your audience in the first 8 seconds. If you still have their attention after that, you have approximately 4 minutes and 52 seconds until their attention spans are lost. Do more with less is the name of the game in todays’ world, apparently that means time as well. Considering economic constraints, people with the aim and at least most of the means to become new homeowners, demand it. So, what do you need to do in order to stand out and do it quickly? Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, of course. In other words, take the bull by the horns and make a splash.


Use a catchy (and aesthetically pleasing) introduction, and if you can, pose it in the form of a problem that you will in fact solve. We are all curious by nature and if your audiences’ interest is peaked, you have commanded their attention for a bit longer. Be sure to mix it up, any topic that drags on for an excessive amount of time becomes a lecture. After 5 minutes or so, take a break from the subject to allow a “brain reset” of sorts. Give solutions, insights, inspiration, or even entertainment. A nice joke thrown in is usually received well. In other words, lighten up, tell stories and keep your prospective client involved to the best of your ability within the venue you are working in.


Realistically, it isn’t a huge surprise that the average adult attention span has plummeted from 12 minutes a decade ago to just 5 minutes now. Just remember the old saying, knowing is half the battle. As for the rest of it, step outside of yourself and look at your material or pitch with fresh eyes. If you can’t quite pull that off, borrow a fresh set of eyes, preferably from a novice.


How do residents in your state feel?


The top 10 states where residents feel the most positive and confident about their state economy are: Utah, North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, Washington and New Hampshire. Based on information from Gallup, energy-producing states are upbeat about the current state of their economy, but harbor doubts about whether the good times will continue. Residents of the U.S. states show wide variation in their evaluations of their state economies, with Utah residents the most positive and Illinois residents the most negative. Residents of West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Illinois are the only ones to evaluate their state economy more negatively than positively.


Recently, Gallup reported state-by-state evaluations of the national economy based on aggregated data from Gallup Daily tracking in 2015. The two measures are positively correlated, such that states with higher state economy ratings also have better ratings of the national economy. Minnesota residents were most positive about the national economy and rank among the most positive about their state’s economy. West Virginians were least positive about the national economy and rated their state’s economy poorly. Utah residents, however, were much more upbeat about their state economy than the national economy, with their ratings of the national economy only in line with the nationwide average.


Generally speaking, Americans are much more positive about economic conditions in their state than in the country as a whole. In 46 states, residents were more positive than negative about the state economy last year. By comparison, in only three states — Minnesota, California and Massachusetts — were residents more positive than negative about the national economy. Americans often perceive conditions closer to home as better than conditions in the nation as a whole, a pattern that also applies to views on crime, schools and trust in the government.


There are no obvious regional patterns in ratings of the 50 state economies. However, five states with below-average ratings of their state economy are in the East, more than in any other region. New Hampshire and Massachusetts are two Eastern states with above-average ratings of their state economy. The Midwest has the largest number of above-average states — six, one more than in the West and South.


Looking for love?


Of course we all want to fall in love with our “perfect home” but, does the location of our potential castle relate too other love prospects as well?


Married couples make up 67% of home buyers today, not particularly surprising. But make room for all the single ladies out there. According to the NAR, 15% of single women, followed by single men at 9% and unmarried couples at 7% are opting to make a long-term commitment to real estate.


What cities hold the most appeal and options for single home buyers? The top 10 markets include: Minneapolis, Minn., Indianapolis, Ind., Raleigh, N.C., Birmingham, Ala., Atlanta, Ga., Denver, Colo., Nashville, Tenn., St. Louis, Mo., Orlando, Fla., and Pittsburg, Pa.

These markets represent the most favorable conditions singles face when it comes to homeownership. In these cities, there are 20% to 50% more single-owned households than the U.S. overall, Median list prices that are affordable for people making the median income, unemployment that is near or less than the national rate of 5%, and, a strong population of singles, with a variety of fun-date possibilities.


The moral of the story? Whether or not you are intrigued by the cute play on words, singles are looking for well-rounded options for opportunities. According to the economic team of, these are the cities attracting unattached folks. Tell all your friends, especially the single ones!



What did the fish say when it swam into the concrete wall?






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